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Our Basic Routine

We believe in providing children with large blocks of time to allow them to fully engage in meaningful experiences.

At St. George's we like to be flexible and we change the way our day operates according to the children, their interests and the flow of their play. But we also have a routine which takes into account sunsafe practices, staff to child ratios and times for active play and rest and relaxation.

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This is what our basic routine looks like:

Basic Routine

(Thurs/Fri 8 am -9 am Variety of table and floor activities in the hall)

9 am-11 am     

10.00 am - 11 am 

11.00 am - 12.15 pm 

12.15 pm - 12.30 pm

12.30 pm - 1 pm 

1 pm 

1.20 pm - 1.40 pm

1.40 pm - 2.10 pm

2.10pm-2.15 pm

2.15 pm - 2.45 pm 

2.45 pm - 3 pm

  3 pm - 3.25pm

Indoor/Outdoor Activities according to weather and children's voice

Progressive morning tea at tables when children choose. 

Indoor/Outdoor Play according to weather and children's voice.

Pack away with children

Language Grouptime


Quiet activities on carpet/finish of lunch

Variety of activities according to children's rest needs:

Sleep mats on carpet in preschool room.

Quiet activities on carpet/tables,

Activities in the hall according to children's interests.

Pack away beds, toys, etc

Music activities in hall/free play activities in room

MTW Children collected by parents

Th/Fri Free play activities in hall/afternoon tea.

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