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Thanks Eastwood Fire and Rescue!

We had two NSW Fire and Rescue visits over the past week. This year, we participated in their Fire and Rescue program prior to the local Firefighters at Eastwood visiting. During the program, we had more opportunities to talk about what to do if there’s a fire. When the Firefighters came, they were able to reinforce these messages. Children were able to see firefighters in their full uniform/outfit when they go into a building on fire to help people. This was an important experience for children to understand that firefighters are there to help and not to be afraid of them. The group practiced 'Get down low and go, go, go' and learned how to shout for help, as it's difficult for firefighters to hear when they wear their helmets. Some children were able to inform the firefighters about their safe meeting point at home. The activity book provided by the Fire and Rescue team contains a home escape plan activity that will be useful for families to follow up. (Code of Ethics: Connect with people, services and agencies within the communities that support children and families).

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