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Emergency drills.... it's all part of the day!

Updated: Feb 17

This week we participated in our first emergency drill of the year. This drill was an evacuation drill (We also hold lockdown, lockout, and shelter in place drills). Our evacuation drill involves the children assembling near the preschool gate and then walking to the tree house building. We have been advised by NSW Fire and Rescue that this is a good offsite evacuation point. We also have two further evacuation points that we will visit during our next evacuation drill.

The children participated as expected in the drill following the directions of the staff team and moving calmly. The drills have been developed with input from NSW Police, NSW Fire and Rescue and Fire Safe Australia and New Zealand.

We always ask the children how they feel about the drills and if they would like to “say anything” about the drills. Today, one child said the best thing about the drill was coming back to preschool! We're pretty happy about that!

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